Puppy Classes

Covid Secure Classes

Puppy School is a puppy training and socialisation course for fully vaccinated puppies aged  up to 20 weeks. 

£74 for the full 6 week course. Held at the village hall in Kingsdon, TA11 7LL.

Puppy training classes are a great way to start building a strong relationship between you and your new addition. As a member of the Puppy School network, I have undertaken tutor training and regularly attend seminars on the latest thinking, techniques and philosophies in puppy training, run by top behaviourist, owner and founder of Puppy School, Gwen Bailey

Only kind and effective techniques are used to help you and your puppy to learn the following exercises:

come when called

  • Sit, lie down, stand on command

  • Walk on a loose lead without pulling

  • Accept handling (including for vets and groomers)

  • Wait

  • 'Settle'

  • 'Leave' when asked

  • Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chew

  • Stop play biting

  • Be sociable with humans, children, and other puppies

  • Greet people without jumping up

Every puppy enrolled onto a course receives a 28 page instruction manual with easy to follow instructions for the exercises covered in class, as well as a certificate and rosette upon completion of the course.

Small class size is guaranteed, and because of this classes get booked up quickly,  therefore, it is recommended that you reserve your place as soon as you can, even before you get a puppy if possible.

For more information on the course content, and for general information on raising a puppy please visit: www.puppyschool.co.uk

Book your puppy on the July Course - 15th July 5.45-6.45pm