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Are you welcoming a new pup into your home? 


When you go to the local pet shop to get those supplies, it can feel a little overwhelming to know what to buy, so we have taken the pressure off and put together a lovely bundle.


What’s in the box?


👉🏼 A small Trufflemat - these are a great feeding alternative. Ditch the bowl and let pup feed via snuffling. Snuffling promotes calming, natural behaviours and allows eating time last that little longer. 


👉🏼 Small Original Tug - finding appropriate chews is important for our pups. Our Original Tugs are perfect for chewing activities - soft on puppy teeth, but great for shredding, chewing, ragging & teething 


👉🏼 Medium Fluffy Chaser - the perfect “special toy”. Long enough so pup can chase, fluffy bite to let you pup sink their teeth into and hold on. This toy can be used to tire pup out during play sessions, redirect when they’re in crocodile mode and the perfect recall reward!


👉🏼 Mini Sofa Tug - another great chase toy. Soft plait for your pup to chase & hold onto. And you can stay up on the sofa and play whilst pup chases on the floor. Long enough to keep your hands safe.WOW!! Every toy you need to keep your pup entertained


👌🏻Please ensure you order in plenty of time before pup arrives. All items are handmade.

The Puppy Bundle

Colour Choice
  • Return within 14 days - unused and in its original condition. Non refundable p&p

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