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Dog Detective

Want to turn your dog into a detective?


Dog Detective is a scentwork course, aimed at teaching your dog an active indication - this means your dog gets to find and eat cheese or finds a toy and plays with you.

We start off building the blocks of how to search, building to searching a whole area, where you and your dog won't know where the "find" is.

Your dog doesn't need any special skills, just a nose that works!! 

Great for relationship building, mentally challenging and just all round fun for you and your dog.

Your dog will need to be comfortable waiting in the car, unless we agree otherwise, as when the searches get bigger we may need more space - if your dog isn't able to wait in the car, please let me know - this doesn't mean your dog is unable to do the course.

Want to see Dog Detectives in action - check out these guys here -

Rosette and certificate at the end of the course.

Course Availability:

- Friday 6th September

- 7pm - 8pm

- Max class size 4 dogs

- £125 for the full 6 weeks

- The Doghouse Unit, Buckland Road Yeovil BA21 5HA

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