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Large TruffleBall


👃 Large Snuffle Ball - COLOURS WILL VARY! So dont be shocked if your ball doesnt come in the colours on the photo.


Snuffle balls are great for keeping those pooches who love a good snuffle & truffle entertained!


A lovely, chunky TruffleBall made from thick anti-polar fleece. The ball has a lot of folds to keep it tight, and there are a lot of places to hide a lot of treats or kibble inside, making it the ideal dog treat puzzle.


The ball has folds of fleece to conceal treats or kibble inside, making it the ideal canine treat puzzle.


The truffle ball can be placed within the washing machine on a 30°c low spin wash,
place within a pillow case and add minimal detergent - air dry only. 
Remove and store the ball until the next time it is used so that your pet does not associate it with one of their everyday toys and becomes easily bored or damages it. This way, when they are reintroduced, it will be a completely new and exciting learning game for them.


Please do not leave your pets unattended whilst using - it is held together by a cable tie, and can easily be shredded.


  • Return within 14 days - unused and in its original condition. Non refundable p&p

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